Our offering includes a comprehensive spectrum of consultancy, advisory and representation services covering Management and Operations, from Business Development and Supply Chain to Contracts & Project Management.

Management & Operations

 With knowledge and skills gained through seamless collaboration with companies across all market cycles, we are able to perform in-depth analysis of each business case, come up with sound solutions and contribute taking the necessary steps to meet the targets with special emphasis on the following scenarios:

  • growth stages when the company structure and processes need to get adapted in order to meet increased level of activity, risk and customer requirements.
  • recession times when downsizing and operations complexity reduction becomes mandatory in order to operate profitably in the face of adverse economic conditions.

Contracts & Project Management

 We have long experience managing engineering, manufacturing and construction projects. If your business requires qualified additional resources within Project Management we can support you. Furthermore, we can review your procedures and guidelines, contributing to process improvement and implementation of any changes.

 Providing independent auditing is also part of our PM related services to ensure compliance with procedures, allowing earlier identification of deviations and mitigating the impact of Non-Compliance.

We are also well versed in damage control and assisting organizations to get back on track projects when the unexpected happens.

Supply Chain

 Especially during booming periods, it happens at times that procurement departments are busy executing actual purchases and struggle to allocate enough resources to search for all the alternative suppliers they would like to.

 We cooperate with clients adding resources to excel in the arduous process of finding, evaluating and negotiating conditions with alternative suppliers in order to keep costs under control and increase the level of commitment from the supplier side.


 Collaborations with partners doing Business Development comprise one of our main areas of activity, paying special focus on Nordic countries.

 The international network of collaborators developed by our team with local experience in America and Europe constitutes one of our best assets. Together we can provide flexible and complete solutions to companies with interests and operations spanning different regions.